sprintDoc Research Project – English Project Profile

The sprintDoc research project started in March 2015 and was planned for two years. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in its program “Innovative SMEs: ICT” [01IS15005A-D]. In sprintDoc we want to solve a central problem in agile software projects: lack of suitable documentation.

In agile projects the continuous delivery of working software is more important than comprehensive documentation. Documentation is more seen as an evil task for many software developers. Mostly they only document requirements („stories“) for the current sprint in agile project management tools. This documentation fits for managing the project but it is not applicable when experience from past projects is needed.

In sprintDoc we want to charge this problem. We want to analyze what documentation is needed and how it can be integrated into agile methods. Therefore we analyze the status quo at out pilot user companies Thorsis Technologies GmbH and WIZMO GmbH. Finally we will develop a method and a tool for documentation in agile software projects.